How to install - uninstall - remove a module prestashop


Installing a module



To install a module it is highly advisable to go through the back office of your shop page modules and services:




Click the "Add a new module" button, a new block appears just below "ADD A NEW MODULE"




Click "Choose File". A window opens, locate and click the module (ZIP) and then the "Open" button in this window:




Click the "Load Module" button:





The page reloads and you will have the list of the module modules that you just loaded.  Click the button "install" this module:



 A popup displays a disturbing message "Important Information" ... click "Continue installation":


 The module is installed and you are automatically redirected to the module configuration page.




Uninstall a module



Nothing easier, simply click "uninstall", the module will be uninstalled but the files remain on the server, you can then reinstall just by clicking the green button install:





Removing Module



Nothing easier, simply click on the "delete" button module. Attention remove the module deletes the server module, check if you have a module backup, especially if you have customized the module:





Filters the list of modules and module not found

After loading a module, you can find a module without finding it, as if he had disappeared. This is due to the filters, there are 4:

  • if the module is installed
  • if the module is activated
  • module author
  • Categories Module



If you can not find a module, select:

  • "Installed and uninstalled" (1)
  • "Activated & disabled" (2),
  • "All" of authors (3)
  • "All" for categories (4).

You will have the full list of modules (over 200), use the "Search" field to save time and find your module immediately.