Back office blocked, unable to connect, forgot password



This tutorial will explain how to access the back office of your shop in case of problems:

-you are local and you can not send email with a new password

-you have made a mistake in the mail, or so it has changed in the meantime, you do pouvz not retrieve your password

-your shop is hacked, someone changed your mail and your password

How recover his password?


It becomes impossible to recover a password, it must be a register a new.


How to change password?

There are 2 possibilities:

-manual method: in changing manuellemment the password via phpmyadmin directly in the table ps_employee (field "passwd")

-simple method: with a small program provided free of charge by that allows you to save a password for any account amdinistrateur.

Manual method

1 - Open the file /config/ from your shop

2 - look for the line setting _COOKIE_KEY_, it looks like:

define('_COOKIE_KEY_', '8Q6OaK06z5JdBiLLt0hr9ovhCJIBHf0W7rGS765GqNXHn5IL6nqSiTWF');

3 - copy the _COOKIE_KEY_ value (here it is: 8Q6OaK06z5JdBiLLt0hr9ovhCJIBHf0W7rGS765GqNXHn5IL6nqSiTWF)

4 - Add your new password (example azerty) at the end of the value of _COOKIE_KEY_, which gives you 8Q6OaK06z5JdBiLLt0hr9ovhCJIBHf0W7rGS765GqNXHn5IL6nqSiTWFazerty

5 - go to and put 8Q6OaK06z5JdBiLLt0hr9ovhCJIBHf0W7rGS765GqNXHn5IL6nqSiTWFazerty (concatenation of _COOKIE_KEY_ and your new password)

6 - the MD5 hash of 8Q6OaK06z5JdBiLLt0hr9ovhCJIBHf0W7rGS765GqNXHn5IL6nqSiTWFazerty is 142e5e66b1916674b181b9fbf8933b09, update the hash in the column the table ps_employee for your admin account passwd

7. normally it is good, you can login to your back office with your email and your new password

Simple method

1 - load via FTP in the admin of your store folder this file: connect.php

2 - rename this file (for example connect_941165.php), if you do not rename the connect.php file, it will not work for security reasons.

3 - run the file from a browser (, select the admin account you want to change the password, put a password (in duplicate) and click on the 'Save' button.

4 - the file if auto clears, if it has not cleared you will get a message asking you to delete the file by FTP, as a security check that it is well cleared and don't keep a copy of the file on your server.

5. normally it is good, you can login to your back office with your email and your new password