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This module allows you to make SQL backups very easily from the back office, but also by CRON task with sending a copy of the database (.sql.bz2 file) by email to the administrators of your choice

49,00 €

This module makes it possible to improve SEO on Google by enriching the content of the description thanks to the figure and figcaption tags. It also improves rendering by zooming in on the image and specific customization possible for each image.

49,90 €

This module allows you to have a complete accounting report, which not only allows you to give a CSV file listing the sales over a given period to your accountant,but also allows you to analyze your sales by sorting the data by profit, unit profit in order to see the most profitable and least...

59,90 €

This 2 in 1 module deals with managing the tax news following Brexit with the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, and Great Britain)But also includes a complete accounting part which allows to have the accounting reports with all the details on all the invoices.

79,90 €

Read sent emails (even locally), identify templates and personalize your emails very easily.

9,99 €

This module makes it possible to "divide" a country into new zones (regions, departments, postal codes ...) in order to allocate for each zone a specific carrier (or several) with a specific tariff.

49,99 €

Easily manage your product images, categories, manufacturers, suppliers and stores with this image manager. It will allow you to avoid storing unnecessary images, indicates if there are missing images and regenerates the images very quickly.

49,99 €

This module allows you to force the customer to register their VAT number depending on the country, so you can force foreigners in your country to register their VAT number.

49,99 €

This module allows you to connect to the customer account very easily without asking for his password. The connection can be made from the back office, but also from the front office.

49,99 €

This module allows you to change the carrier from the back office and modify the cost of delivery.

49,99 €

This module will allow you to force or not the customer to enter their VAT number when registering or for customers déjas inscits. Once the VAT number indicated (and valid) the client can be chnage group according to its country of automatically or manually.

99,00 €

This module allows you to invoice the groups of customers of your choice excluding VAT and to connect to customer accounts without knowing their password (superuser) in order to check the result.

69,00 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items