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Easily manage your product images, categories, manufacturers, suppliers and stores with this image manager. It will allow you to avoid storing unnecessary images, indicates if there are missing images and regenerates the images very quickly.

49,99 €

This module makes it possible to "divide" a country into new zones (regions, departments, postal codes ...) in order to allocate for each zone a specific carrier (or several) with a specific tariff.

49,99 €

Invoice tax-free foreign business customers who have a valid VAT number on VIES after verifying the VAT numbers to avoid VAT scams and customer errors.

49,99 €

This module will allow you to force or not the customer to enter their VAT number when registering or for customers déjas inscits. Once the VAT number indicated (and valid) the client can be chnage group according to its country of automatically or manually.

99,00 €

You have professional clients and individuals on your prestashop store? This module will allow you to charge VAT for professionals and TTC for individuals.?

39,00 €

You will be able to edit your complete accounting reports of the value of the stock you have, by product and / or class, based on the purchase price, excluding tax, your products from your suppliers.

0,00 €

Display the list of variations on different pages to make more visible the richness of your products by the number of variations with the list of attributes, the image of each declination, a direct link to the declination and especially a button to add the declination directly into the cart !

69,00 €

Improve the rendering of presentation of products by replacing the squares of colours of the attributes by thumbnails.

19,00 €