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Invoice tax-free foreign business customers who have a valid VAT number on VIES after verifying the VAT numbers to avoid VAT scams and customer errors.

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Module version 1.5.9
Last update 20/07/2021
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 Yes


Main features of the VAT number module

This module therefore limits errors and possible scams. In the table listing all the addresses with VAT number, for each address you can check the data and modify them very easily thanks to:

  • a field to add / modify a VAT number
  • a link to the customer's account page
  • a link to the customer's address page
  • a link to VIES which allows you to verify customer data
  • a button to immediately validate the VAT number without going through VIES
  • a button to remove the VAT number from this address

Benefits of correctly checking customer VAT numbers

This Prestashop module allows you to check the VAT number when registering when registering (or when adding a new address), but also all VAT numbers already registered:

  • absence of characters other than letters and numbers
  • the iso code corresponds to the country of the address
  • all letters are in upper case
  • VAT number structure
  • validity of the VAT number thanks to VIES

Modifications made to VAT numbers by the module

The module modifies the VAT numbers to make them "cleaner", here are the modifications:

  • deletion of characters other than letters and numbers: dashes, periods, space ...
  • Capitalization of all letters
  • automatic addition of the 2-letter code at the start of the VAT number if it is absent.

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