SQL Backup (manual/CRON/mail)

49,00 €EUR49SQL Backup (manual/CRON/mail)

This module allows you to make SQL backups very easily from the back office, but also by CRON task with sending a copy of the database (.sql.bz2 file) by email to the administrators of your choice

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Module version 1.1.0
Last update 25/07/2023
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.8 Oui

Don't take the risk of forgetting to make a backup of your database and being in bad shape if you have a big problem (server, hacker).
With this module you can program create backups very easily and via CRON you can receive a copy of the backup directly in your mailbox!


  • limiting the number of backups on your server
  • creating a backup in one click from the module
  • delete old backups in one click, or automatically
  • backup possible via CRON (possibility of using CRON without token if your host does not allow it)
  • the name of the CRON file can be renamed in one click, its name acts as a sort of token if you cannot add one in the CRON url
  • selection of administrators who can receive by email the backup copy made by CRON

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