New VAT rule - Brexit (+ accounting)

79,90 €EUR79.9New VAT rule - Brexit (+ accounting)

This 2 in 1 module deals with managing the tax news following Brexit with the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, and Great Britain)
But also includes a complete accounting part which allows to have the accounting reports with all the details on all the invoices.

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Module version 1.0.7
Last update 01/06/2021
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 Yes


Not only can you (must) respect the new tax rules following Brexit but this module allows you to have complete accounting, the results are saved in CSV format (usable with Excel)

From the module configuration you can:

  • select the new amount from which the rules change (today £ 135)
  • activate or not the pound sterling on the front office
  • display the amount of taxes in the shopping cart at the front office
  • establish a minimum purchase (in £ HT)
  • update the minimum purchase according to the € / £ price via a CRON task
  • display your VAT number and your EORI number clearly visible on the invoice (either on the left or on the right)

Accounting report:

  • You can choose different settings:
  • Choice of order status to display, these statuses are displayed in color with specific icons (native to PrestaShop)
  • start and end date of the report
  • shop choice
  • possibility to use the point or the comma in the CSV results for non-integer numbers (example 12.34 or 12.34)
  • display or not the virtual products
  • display shipping costs
  • display discount fees
  • display product refund fees
  • display shipping cost refunds

All values ​​are displayed in the CSV file without the currency, making addition calculations easier.
Discounts and refunds are displayed with a negative sign in front of the value, so you can more easily make sums in the CSV file (Excel)

  • Choice of countries
  • Choice of fields to display, you can change the order with a simple click and drag:
  • reference,
  • date of the order,
  • name of the store,
  • ID order
  • ID order detail
  • Order status
  • Customer (last name, first name and customer id)
  • Address (street, city, country)
  • VAT number
  • Country
  • States (of the country)
  • Product name (with id_product)
  • Product name with declination
  • VAT amount per unit
  • Amount
  • Total amount tax
  • VAT rate
  • Unit price excluding taxes
  • Unit price taxes included
  • Total price excluding taxes
  • Total price including taxes
  • Currency (in the back office the table displays the prices with the currency, but for Excel I have voluntarily removed the currency so that the data can be used to make sums for example)
  • exchange rate (recorded at the time of the order, this rate may therefore vary depending on the orders)
  • Buying price
  • Profit (total price - purchase price)
  • Unit profit (unit price - unit purchase price)

This data can be sorted not only by the field of your choice, but also in ascending or descending order.
You can therefore list the data by order ID (or date) in ascending order to send the CSV to your accountant.
You can also list products by unit profit in descending order to see the most profitable (first) and least profitable (last) products.

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