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Customize your invoices by adding a few sentences.

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This module will allow you to force or not the customer to enter their VAT number when registering or for customers déjas inscits. Once the VAT number indicated (and valid) the client can be chnage group according to its country of automatically or manually.

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Program the opening / the automatic reopening of your store using the maintenance with a countdown. ?

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With this module you can easily manage assignments client groups of your customers by communicating a valid code at registration or in the "My Account" 

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This module allows you to account for VAT with maximum ease by displaying VAT for each product for each order based on the saved settings. This module is optimized for MOSS ("mini one-stop shop"), the VAT returns of dematerialized products purchased by non-professional clients.

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Your shop has cost thousands of euros, it is your livelihood, so protect it! avoid any flaws, spam, SQL / XSS injections, backup the database and main files and monitor potential attacks

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This module allows you to change the carrier from the back office and modify the cost of delivery.

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Easily manage your product images, categories, manufacturers, suppliers and stores with this image manager. It will allow you to avoid storing unnecessary images, indicates if there are missing images and regenerates the images very quickly.

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This 2 in 1 module deals with managing the tax news following Brexit with the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, and Great Britain)But also includes a complete accounting part which allows to have the accounting reports with all the details on all the invoices.

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Showing 13 - 22 of 22 items