QR Codes 1.5

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This module inserted a QR Code corresponding to the current page. Only QR module optimized for not slowing down your store!

More details

The QR code can be placed at different places in your shop (left column, right column, in the products page in the header, the footer) and the size of the QR code can be recorded to the nearest pixel.

This QRCode is generated on the fly by a Google API BUT unlike other modules that you can find QR, it saves the QR Code generated by the Google API, eliminating thousands of incoming calls that slow down your shop . Not to mention the potential sanctions from Google:

Google Chart Usage Policy:

There's no limit to the number of calls per day you-can make to the Google Chart API. However, we reserve the right to block Any use That We look as abusive.

Obviously if you change the pixel size of your QRCode you can delete old QRCode in 1 click.


Compatible multi-boutique: you can save a configuration by shop

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