Advanced Privilege Card

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With this module you can easily manage assignments client groups of your customers by communicating a valid code at registration or in the "My Account" 

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Last update 11/22/2016
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 1

For each code, you can: 

  • have a start date of validity 
  • have a date of expiry 
  • limit the amount of valid code 
  • inform the client group to which he returns 
  • specify whether validation is automatic or manual 
  • inform the store on which this code will work 

Once enabled (automatically or manually) customers will be in the group of your choice, examples: 

  • "professional", with price display HT 
  • "VIP" with a discount of your choice 
  • ... 

Your customers will feel valued and have confidence in your store, the more they will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted the code (if the code is in manual validation). 
You can send a newsletter using the code with words "valid for the first 100 customers" and then give a unique code (quantity = 1) to a customer, no one else can use it. 

Each time a code is used, the quantity for this code is decremented, and when the amount of code to a 0, it can no longer be used. 
As validation is not made, the client remains in its client group. If you manually validate a customer will receive an email to prevent its code has been validated. 
Module configuration and the client list is also displayed to validate your homepage back office, this makes you saved time and you avoid going into the module configuration. 

If the start date is not yet over, or if the end date has already passed or if the amount is 0 then the field that prevents the use of the code by customers is highlighted in red, which allows a look to see a code not in use, among many other.

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