Title page for admin panel

29,00 €EUR29Title page for admin panel

No more "PrestaShop - Administration Panel" for ALL pages of your back office, now have a "real" specific title for each page!

More details

This module which installs in seconds works very simply: It replaces the title repetitive and unnecessary (because it does not identify a page) with a specific title:

- The name of the tab,

-The full name of the client if you are on the client page

- Product name (with id) on the product page,

- The category name (with id) on the category page,

- The invoice number, name and surname of the client if you are on the order page

- The module name if you are on a configuration of a module 

With this you will gain in productivity, you can go back directly to the right page, finished the frustration of wasting time unnecessarily obliged to go through the tabs!

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