Billing HT (without VAT) for professionals (v1.4)

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39,00 €EUR39Billing HT (without VAT) for professionals (v1.4)

You have professional clients and individuals on your prestashop store? This module will allow you to charge VAT for professionals and TTC for individuals.?

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This module will give a more professional and serious about your shop to your business customers and will be "invisible" for individuals who pay VAT.

You and your clients even lose more time to manage the VAT between professionals.You can concentrate on your store and your sales and you lose less time with your accounting.

Your customers will appreciate to have a shop do forcing them not to pay VAT to then recover in passing through the centre of taxes and will therefore win time compared to competing stores.

This module uses the prestashop configuration and client groups, so will be operational upon its installation (you simply select the option of displaying prices with or without fee for client groups).

 Update: it is now possible to have several occupational groups and to choose among these groups which can pay HT; other professionals have HT posted on shop prices but will pay VAT and will have a VAT invoice.

The installation went in seconds as you can see from the video:


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