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Your customers will be able to order from the category page products (combinations ) that the interress, easier and faster.

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Module version 1.1.0
Last update 15/03/2016
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 Yes

By default PrestaShop displays a single version of a product. So if a customer wants to buy a dress size S pink, she has to click on each product to see if the product is available and the client is obliged to select the declination is interested in ordering.

With this module, the client will just have to select a size S, the color pink, and dresses with pink as S and attributes appear.


Your customers will more easily find the products they are interested in and will not give up because they do not find what they want.

A huge time-saver for customers, and therefore more cart!


This module requires the module "BlockLayered" version 2.1.3 (latest version).



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