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This module allows to hide product prices of some categories for certain customer groups but also encourage visitors to register or to connect with personalized messages.

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Module version 1.3.1
Last update 5/4/2018
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 Yes

This module allows:

  • To hide the price (and thus prevent the purchase) for certain categories of goods and for certain customer groups.
  • Whether to show the prices for professionals (with SIRET or VAT number), even if they are in a group of customers who can not see prices.
  • To customize the rendering of the message display on the product category page
  • To preview the rendering directly in the back office, live
  • Display a custom message with a custom made in a banner either the top or nas screen
  • You can choose a different customization for small screens (smartphone)
  • To preview the rendering directly in the back office of the band, Live


The messages on products and headbands contain a link to the registration page.
This is the easiest way to turn a visitor into customer!


The choice of products catéogories is done in one click.

Customizing the presentation of messages is very simple as you can see from the video, or demo.


Customers are encouraged to register with custom banner and a message on products, these messages are customizable very easily with an idea about a rendering directly.


Professionals can see prices and purchase the products that customers who are not professional can not buy.

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