Image and thumbnail manager

49,99 €EUR49.99Image and thumbnail manager

Easily manage your product images, categories, manufacturers, suppliers and stores with this image manager. It will allow you to avoid storing unnecessary images, indicates if there are missing images and regenerates the images very quickly.

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Module version 1.2.2
Last update 15/01/2021
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 Yes

This module will save you a lot of time:
- by regenerating the images of products, categories, shops, manufacturer, supplier and also the images "no image available" for all formats and different languages ​​(for images "no image available")
- regeneration is done either for one type of image and one format, or all the images at the same time, this regeneration is done in ajax with the possibility of choosing a number of simultaneous processes allowing to accelerate the regeneration even more
- by looking for missing images, product images, categories, shops, manufacturer, supplier and also "no image available" images (for each language)
- indicating the unnecessary images that you can delete (example: if you rename the format small_default to little_default, all the images named small_default remain on the server and in your backup copies when they are unnecessary)

And because your screen and those of your clients are not square, you can record rectangular images, the module can very well regenerate the images without adding white bands that make your images square.


New update 1.2.0: it is possible to remove the white bands which allow to have square images. Why ? because no one has a square screen, so if you want to highlight your products, display rectangular images like all screens.


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