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You want to analyze your sales? then export your bills with more than 50 parameters regarding the invoice, customer, payment, shipping...

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Last update 11/22/2016
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 Yes


This module will allow you to:

  • Choose from 50 (22 in standard mode) and 28 additional advanced mode settings
  • to classify the selected settings with a simple click-and - drag
  • work more easily with your accountant by giving it all the information which would be useful
  • analyze the means of payment used by clients
  • analyze patterns of delivery chosen by consumers
  • make graphs on excel with the cost of baskets
  • ...

The results are usable immediately:

  • With a click you can load the csv to open it in excel,
  • a table appears in the configuration of the module, before you even pass on Excel you already see the result,
  • an overview of the data in the csv file are displayed for information

Data (parameters selected, parameter order, start and end... dates) are stored, this allows you to save time if you study all the time the same parameters.

In "standard" mode, you have the settings:

  • Invoice number,
  • Order number,
  • References,
  • Date,
  • Name,
  • First name,
  • Address of the client,
  • Currency,
  • Current state,
  • Email,
  • Countries,
  • Payment,
  • Total revenue,
  • Total revenue HT,
  • Total paid HT,
  • Total reduction HT,
  • Total transport HT,
  • Total packing HT,
  • Total paid TTC,.
  • Total discount incl. VAT,
  • Total transport incl. VAT,
  • Total package incl. VAT,
  • Adds a row with the names of the fields,
  • Separator for csv file,
  • Start date,
  • End date

In advanced mode you have more 26 parameters:

  • Total reductions HT,
  • Total reductions incl. VAT,
  • Delivery number,
  • Delivery date
  • Name of the shop,
  • Shop ID,
  • Name of the carrier,
  • Command valid,
  • ID of the carrier,
  • ID of the client,
  • The currency ID,
  • ID of the delivery address,
  • ID of the billing address,
  • Number of transport,
  • Total reductions,
  • Total paid,
  • Total paid real,.
  • Total transport,
  • Carrier tax rate,
  • Total packaging,
  • Date invoice,
  • Date of last update,
  • Society,
  • SIRET,
  • APE,
  • Anniversary date,
  • Newsletter,
  • Calculation of the delivery fee

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