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You want to use your shop and prestashop modules without being forced to do the updates of the latter? You want to avoid at all costs the problems resulting from these update? This module is for you!


More details

Module version v.1.5.1
Last update 23/11/2020
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 Yes

Finally feel free to use the versions of modules you want, delete the obligation to update a prestashop module and avoid wasting your time with these updates which may sow confusion by changing the rendering of your graphic.


Update: version 1.1.0 : prevents the display of non-installed modules on the server as well as modules to buy

Version 1.2.0:

  • Removal of the bug that would not display a module not yet installed or uninstalled
  • Adding 2 options in the configuration of the module ("do not show modules that require an update" and "do not show the server missing modules")
  • Addition of the logos of the modules in the summary table of the modules to be updated
  • Added a table listing the modules present on the server and normally present in the list of modules

version 1.3.0:Ability to select the modules you want to see the updates (eg payment modules)

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