Big Data - SQL to CSV data with ease

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This module will allow you to run SQL queries to retrieve data form table, CSV (for Excel) file, or form "serialize".


More details

Module version 1.1.3
Last update 17/01/2020
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6 Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 Yes

Here is a module allowing fairly easily recover your data via SQL queries.
The module contains several default SQL queries, you can edit them, delete them, add more without any limit.



The names of the tables in SQL queries can use as prefix of "ps_" (prefix by default tables, example ps_cart), or _DB_PREFIX_ (the most recommended if you want to re - use SQL queries on other shops, _DB_PREFIX_cart will give ps_cart for example), or even _PREFIX_ (if you want to make shorter, _PREFIX_cart give ps_cart for example).

For each query you can save a description in order to better see you there, the available actions are:

  • see,
  • Save,
  • delete,
  • see the result in serialized form,
  • Open the file CSV with Excel.

Different queries that are provided by default:

  • List of addresses
  • List of categories
  • List of customers
  • List of manufacturers
  • List of suppliers
  • Detail of orders over the last 3 months, with costs of deliveries for shop "1"
  • Stock products and variations, for shop "1"

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