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A cloud of 3D images with the latest products registered and / or featured products. This module is visible in the left column of the store This module can be placed in the sidebar or in the center column of the homepage. Each image contains a link to the corresponding product.

More details

Prestashop module, allows a cloud of 3D images recorded with the latest products and / or featured products with a link for each image to the corresponding product. It is possible to change:

  • title,
  • width,
  • height,
  • the background color (or transparent background)
  • the number of images of the latest products added
  • the number of images of featured products (20 images maximum
  • The type of image (small, medium, large, home ...)


You can place this cloud images in both lateral columns of your store in central column of the homepage. Compatible with versions 1.1 through 1.4.3 of PrestaShop.

The installation and setup takes less than a minute:



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