Ultimate debug

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Debug module complete the toolbox working on Prestashop the webmaster.

This module lets you view contents of your database, make any SQL query, view the smarty debug console, but SQL debugging console.

More details

Finally a module that will allow you to program faster, easier to find your mistakes and correct them more efficiently, a vital tool box (5 in 1).

This module allows you to change a single click key configuration variables:

  • display_errors
  • error_reporting (values: null, E_ALL E_STRICT, E_NOTICE)
  • smarty cache
  • Smarty compiles force

You can also clear the cache of a smarty-click over the "I changed the file dwt and no change in the front office ...".

A simple drop-down menu allows you to display a table in the shop

Part "Queries" lets you insert a query and produce results in tabular form and / or pre-formatted text. This part also indicates the presence of any possible error in the application.

You can enable the display of the "smarty debug console" to some people (through their IP address). This console includes all the variables that are passed smarty php files to the templates (tpl files).

And icing on the cake, the very heart of the Ultimate debug, you can also debug SQL queries to see what's wrong, for this is simple, just insert just after the query execution SQL:

U::debug($query , $result [, $information]);

$query : SQL query or problem that you develop

$result : result of the SQL query

$information is optional, but I suggest you specify the file and line where you have put U::debug so you can find it easier to clear when the work is completed. For this I advise you: __FILE__.' '. __LINE__

Each time the query is performed, is stored:

  • the date and time,
  • the query,
  • the result,
  • the error message if there is an error in the SQL query,

As for the console smarty this console is displayed only for those whose IP address is permitted.

It shows:

  • the date and time of registration, the SQL query,
  • the outcome and choice in tabular form and / or as a pre-formatted text (with <pre>)
  • SQL Error in red if there is one.

Obviously you can change the number of results on the console (default 5) and remove the results.


Prestashop version 1.4


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