This module allows your customers to inform them and SIREN SIRET in their account and thus be assigned to the same professional category. This change in the choice group is automatic or manual. Only valid SIRET code SIREN and are saved.

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Any business (BtoB) and individuals (BtoC) and you want to differentiate their group, nothing more simple, this module will allow you to spend with clients or SIRET SIREN in the group of your choice. The modification can also be manually: in this case simply click on the i (in white in a blue circle) to get directly to the page with the description of the corresponding company siren. If the information is correct, then you only need to validate the client to pass in the occupation of your choice.

New: You can now require visitors to register their Siret / Siren, if a customer is already registered it will automatically be blocked on the "My Account" to register their Siret / Siren

Only valid SIRET code SIREN and are saved.


For PrestaShop 1.3 - 1.4

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