Private shop prestashop 1.0 - 1.3

59,00 €EUR59Private shop prestashop 1.0 - 1.3

Stop - Shop - private - you must log in to access them.

Simplee and efficient, you can require visitors to login and customize the entire page (background image, background color, image position and background of the form, size, font ...) for prestashop <1.4, for the version 1.4 use this module

More details

You can through this module require visitors to register, but also the login page / identification is fully customizable. This module is compatible with Google AdWords: if you advertise a product (or class) the visitor will be redirected to the product page (or class) concerned after log in or register.

You can use a background images provided in the module (with parameters giving the best visual) or add more.

It is possible to any parameter:

  • add a new image
  • choice or not an image
  • Choosing a background color
  • position of the background image on the screen:Simple or Custom (pixels or%)
  • size and location of the form
  • background color of the form, police, border (type, thickness, color)
  • margins around the form


A real login page as a home page, fully customized with a professional look in less than a minute!






Prestashop version <1.4


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