Gestionnaire de bons de réductions 1.4

99,00 €

Want to manage thousands of coupon (creation, modification, deletion) this module will meet your expectation, very easy to use as you can see from the video presentation.

More details

This module allows to store Prestashop create coupons in large quantities in a few seconds.
You can also update, edit your voucher:
- Change the validity dates
- Description
- The value
- The type of coupon (reducing the amount, in%, postage)

You can also customize your codes: letters, numbers, letters and numbers, but also the number of characters in the codes.

You can find all the time summary of orders, including with the purchase order number specified by lot.

Obviously you can delete a group purchase discounts or retrieve all codes in each group batch codes.


- To display the vouchers, those used are red, others black.
- The remaining number of coupon included in the list of vouchers.



Tested and validated with versions 1.4x

Incompatible with previous versions

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