VAT management and customer group by country (v 1.4)

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99,00 €EUR99VAT management and customer group by country (v 1.4)

This module will allow you to force or not the customer to enter their VAT number when registering or for customers déjas inscits. Once the VAT number indicated (and valid) the client can be chnage group according to its country of automatically or manually.

More details

This module uses "VIES" to know the validity of the VAT number, if the VAT number is valid then the client can be changed group automatically or manually, you can choose to disable the VAT number of a country. If the site "VIES" is unavailable, the VAT number is still stored in the database but the group change does not occur, the change can be done by clicking.You can also check the information of each client through "VIES", as you can see on the images.


NEW (June 20, 2013): you can now assign a client in a group 'pro' of your choice without to include it in the group "default", in addition, the module has been optimized to speed up registration when the server "VIES" is overloaded.

NEW (March 22, 2013): now you can see the last registered guests directly on the homepage of your back office and validate or not customers and verify their VAT on lives. A direct link to the configuration of the module is also included.
It is also possible to validate the account customers (or not) if lives is not operational or unavailable.

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