Customizing pages and product categories

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You want to customize your product pages and categories specifically, to a bottom "balance" or "Happy Holidays", "valentine" ... This can very easily and very quickly.

More details

This module will allow you to:

  • upload your images,
  • save configurations for
    • one or more product pages
    • one or more pages categories
    • pages products of one or more classes
  • add CSS code for each customization, but also to a "hack" (CSS code that will be common to all your pages and that will make visible changes without problem)
  • place your background image with ease, or more personalized (with X and Y position in pixels or percentage)
  • repeat the image in X or Y, or 2, or without repetition,
  • to set a background color (with or without image)

This module takes advantage of many optimizations:

  • If you customize the product pages of a category (eg blue) and a product page in the same category (in red) while the product page will have a red background: customizing a product is proiritaire on product customization one category.
  • the basic "hack" contains the code for themes TemplateMonster
  • If you customized any product page of a category, only one CSS file is generated and not a file by Product, this speeds up the loading of the page to your visitors

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