Starter Kit prestashop

99,00 €

Starter kit at a lower cost to a good start in e-commerce with the modules essential to improve your store, increase productivity, Miex them you shop ...

More details

This kit contains the main modules needed to launch a shop prestashop: 

1 - Title page of the back office,

2 - Description of the advanced classes

3 - Share with Facebook, Twitter ...

4 - QR codes optimized

5 - No more hundreds of baskets Googlebots

6 - photo gallery

Total value: more than € 200, now on sale for € 99, ​​enjoy the summer to set up your shop cheaply for démmarer on the hubcaps from the start!


Details on the modules:

1 - Title page of the back office: You may have noticed, all the pages in the back office have the same title, how can you find in your history? it's just impossible, save time and productivity with this module which will give you a specific title on every page.

2 - Description of advanced categories: Another default prestashop: it is impossible to put a description worthy of the name (no picture, no link, no layout ...) this module will erase this oversight and will enable you to have a text editor optimized: TinyMCE (you for short and long descriptions for products, for example).

3 - Share with Facebook, Twitter ... This module allows visitors to recommend it on Facebook, Twitter, Addthis ... The benefit of a recommendation by a friend u will always immediate, positive impact for your shop.

4 - QR codes optimized: The QR code can be placed at different places in your shop (left column, right column, in the products page in the header, the footer) and the size of the QR code can be recorded pixel. Single module optimized for QR does not slow down your shop!

5 - No more hundreds of baskets Googlebots: The Googlebots click and walk around very quickly and can generate hundreds and thousands of baskets (of course never materialized), this module will prevent robots to generate all these baskets that meet your unnecessarily database.

6 - photo gallery: Gallery of products very original with a professional look that will add value to your shop. You can set a background color or set a transparent background.

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