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Register quickly and easily your books the ISBN10 or ISBN 13 number.

More details

This module allows to record more quickly and more easily your products by automatically filling in certain fields:

  • Title,
  • long description on the products ' info' page.


And the features that you created.The data that you can recover (for features) are:

  • Title,
  • Subtitle,
  • Authors,
  • Description,
  • Date of publication,
  • Editor,
  • Number of pages,
  • Version,
  • Language,
  • Type of printing,
  • Categories,
  • ISBN-10,
  • ISBN-13.

In addition, links are created automatically to shops in lines to verify data (Google Books, amazon, bookbutler, and module works with the ISBN-10 and ISBN-13, and does not collect illegal data aspiring cited commercial sites.All data collected above cited above are functions of the language of the ISBN filled, a single language data are recoverable.



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